Sunday, July 31, 2016

re:bravery and listening

Seeing Injustice with Bravery, Sarah Smash via On Being.
From the article..."As individuals, we are each awake and asleep in different ways, depending on our life experiences. As a country, though, we carry every injustice together in one ancestral, social DNA. Let’s finally face them together with bravery. Let’s open our eyes in order to open our hearts. Let’s rejoice that the skeletons are marching right out of our country’s closet, with livestreaming cell phones in their hands."

How to Listen When You Disagree, via The UrbanConfessional.
From the article..."The truth is, if our love can hold space for paradox, tension, and disagreement, there's room for all types of beliefs and opinions.

Division is a choice.

Life isn't a Facebook feed.

Our love, our listening, must bring in, not edit out.

Dare to listen, dare to be quiet, dare to seek understanding; in the end, it's the people we need to love, not their opinions."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

re:stewardship and flipping the script

A walk at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park on Tuesday reminded me of what a treasure this place truly is. From the website, "Walk through one of Vermont's most beautiful landscapes, under the shade of sugar maples and 400-year-old hemlocks, across covered bridges and alongside rambling stone walls. This is a landscape of loss, recovery, and conservation. This is a story of stewardship, of people taking care of places - sharing an enduring connection to land and a sense of hope for the future."

For details, look here

And this, via NPR this morning, a segment of Invisibilia. ..She Offered The Robber A Glass Of Wine, And That Flipped The Script. Learned a new term...noncomplementarity.